Monday, April 6, 2015

I Am Not Alone (For You Are With Me)

That very moment when i chose to take my stand and listened to You. That day when finally, I responded to Your call --everything about me, everything about my life has changed.

The greatest day and the happiest. Surprisingly, because i did not expect any of it.
It feels so good to be alive and free. 
Free from fears, from disappointments, from pain, from my old self.

Everything becomes new. "This is my second wave", I told myself, "and this is going to be awesome!"
Looking forward to that joy, excited because you're seem so sure of the future yet clueless of what's going to happen next.

At first I thought this journey will be easy. Until i found myself crying at night, struggling, tired, doubting myself, asking questions of why now? Why me? Why did You choose me for this?

The dos and don'ts came, responsibilities here, goals there, never ending adjustments, re-directions and of course denials.
Beaten yet fighting, broken yet healed, all for the sake of change.

Growth, maturity and success come; First, if you make it intentional. Second, if you follow through on them.

I know i must change continually, from my very selfish point of views, to a person You wanted me to become. A person living with the same heart as Yours, same dreams and same visions as Yours.

It's hard to be me, but it's harder to be like You.
I ask myself, ‘how someone like me can become someone like You?’
Beginnings are difficult, but everyone must undergo that "process” until the fullness of Your being becomes evident over our lives.

Wherein today's age, our society dictates the standards and twisted the norms of how one must act, what one must be and of whom one must like, how will you compete to the world? You have to decide. 

Either way, if i choose to walk following His ways or choose to look back pushing my own ways; He's going to win over me anyway. Because I know, He will never let me go.

So as for me, I decided to believe and embrace Your plans. Holding on to Your promise that I will not walk this road alone, for You are with me.

What’s next to my journey? It’s up to Your will Lord, let it be done.

"I have told you these things, so that in me you will have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33

Monday, September 8, 2014

It's Just a Matter of Change.

        I've read a book saying that "THOUGHT  LIFE" is what we feed and what goes inside the mind of a person. Our thought life  affects the way we think, the way we feel and the way we make decisions.

      The things we let to reside in our minds affect our actions.We withdraw whatever we deposit. Whether we are aware or not, we are moved by them. When our mindset is not right, so as the result of our action is not right. Sometimes, we feel disappointed or worse, we feel miserable. Thing is, when people are miserable, usually they end up making other people miserable too, even without the intention of doing so.

      How can we avoid these things to happen?


Let's check your mind:

*What are the things that you've been thinking? For the past few days, or weeks?
*Are these thoughts bring out the best in you or the worst in you?
*How did your thoughts affect you and other people around you? Are you comfortable about it or do you find it stressful? 

   Based on your personal response, you'll be pointing out some reasons why you need to change your way of thinking.


      Empty your mind and start filling it again.You can start from reading. Be sure that you pick good books or even good articles. Those that can feed up and enrich your soul, challenge you to be better at your best everyday, ones which can give you stronger faith that you can accomplish things greater than yourself and will teach you not to lose hope and to never stop dreaming big dreams. For me, there's no greater than reading the Bible. Fill your mind with fresh and bright thoughts. Things that are beautiful, joyous, empowering, true, admirable, excellent and reputable. Fill it with the best, never with the worst; throw off "garbage thoughts".
    I believe that the best days are always ahead of us and not behind us. Be on your guard and keep an eye for the right timing and right opportunities. Timing is everything. Just make sure that you are making the most out of it, for it's part of your so called "limited resources". Make plans. Set goals. Then work on it. Every-Single-Day.

      We are victors so stop acting like you're a victim. The reason why people see themselves useless or unfruitful is that because they imprisoned themselves to their past failures. Others chose to settle for good things instead of getting better or the best things. They stop trying again because of the fear of failing again, they don't like facing pains. They remain bitter and they can't accept the fact that it's the result of their choice.

   The only choice we have is to make choices, we all do have a choice right?

          If you're afraid of pain, face it and deal with it. How can you enjoy happiness if you don't know how painful life can be sometimes?
          If you're bitter about your past, admit you are wrong and accept it. There's nothing you can change about it, but you can always do something about it. Use it and do better next time. Your past doesn't define you, what you are in the present does.
          If you're afraid to fail, try again then fail again. "Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly." as Robert Kennedy said.

          Life and success is journey. Don't stay longer to stop-overs, keep moving. Maybe you'll be discouraged, but it's part of it. It's okay not to be alright sometimes. 

         Stop blaming others for what you've become. Try pointing into mirror and see who's responsible for everything. Life is never unfair, we just always get what we deserve. Everything is temporary so never cling on things too much. Face the reality, accept your weaknesses, accept your limitations, then start to overcome and change.

There is more to life, more to discover, more to learn. Why come out of your box to see it and to live that life at it's best? 


 "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friendster Time Blog KOLEKSYON

sound of silence (i’m out of rhyme)

(July 6, 2010)

RULE : ganito kasi yan,kailangan mo basahin ng mabilis. okay Game!

it’s when wind blows 
whispering something.
with crickets chirping,
your heart is beating.
stars blinking,
clock ticking.
you’re wandering wondering 
stupid thinking.
then started rhyming with sleeping birds humming, tweeting.
now you’re singing,
and actually you’re reading.

* hindi yan tula, hindi rin yan tongue twister. isa lang yan sa mga kalokohan ko. haha
peace! :))

It’s my “M” (where to start?)

(June 7, 2010)

M is for Miracle. I am lucky because I’m blessed by God always. Even I feel like I don’t deserve his grace sometimes, there is “grace under pressure”.

M is for Mother. I’m proud to say that I have the best one.When I was second year high school, a good friend shared the story about his mother in class. He said “losing a mother is almost losing half of your life”, hindi ko makakalimutan ang sinabi niya na ‘yon. It just left me teary eyed, kahit hindi ko napansin na umiiyak na pala ko (hehe). Mapalad yun mga tao na kasama pa nila yung mga nanay nila katulad ko, and I’m so thankful for that.

M is for Mind. Let’s just say that everyone does have a great mind. Everyone has their own perceptions in life. Nobody can dictate anyone what should they do or not to do. “Everyone is a master of their own vision”.

M is for Morning. Each morning is a blessing. Minsan puro problema na lang yung iniisip natin araw araw. Paano yun?  Paano na ‘to? nakakalimutan na natin ang isang bagay.”na bawat araw na gumigising tayo, nagkakaroon tayo ng panahon para ayusin ang mga bagay na dapat nating ayusin” . May naalala tuloy ako”wag mo problemahin ang bukas…bukas pa naman yun!”…(haha. ang totoo nakalimutan ko talaga kung ano yun sunod)

M is for Management. Madaming bagay na sa tingin natin kaya nating ma-control, pero kahit sabihin mo pa na “everything is under control” hindi maiiwasan nadumadating ka sa point na you just lose it. (ano daw?)siguro depende nalang yun on how you can handle things even at it’s worst point. “Proper management”lang yan sabi nga nila. Pero alam ko na hindi madali mag-manage ng isang bagay,lalo na pag dating sa oras. Problema ko din kasi yun kadalasan.

M is for Money. Sino ba namang tao ang hindi nangangailangan ng pera? Lahat yata tayo problema yun. Pero sabi nga“money should be the last motivator”, madami pa namang mas mahalaga kesa dun.

M is for Music. “Music is what feelings sound like”. Tama! ang boring kaya ng buhay pag walang music. Kulang ang araw ko kapag wala akong naririnig na kahit ingay man lang. Through music you can express something that you’re mouth can’t speak out. Madaming gumagawa ng ganun. Halimbawa na lang yung mga taong kulang sa lakas ng loob para magtapat ng nararamdaman. (naks naman !:D). Here are some quotes that I love bout music:

M is for Math. Nung elementary ako paborito ko ang math, ewan ko ba kung bakit  ayaw ng marami yun subject na yun. Hindi ba nila alam na umiikot sila sa mundo ng math?mula paggising sa umaga, pag bumibili sa tindahan, sa pagsakay ng jeep hanggang pagbaba, sa paghingi ng baon sa nanay at pagtingin sa orasan. Kahit simpleng one plus one basta about numbers ganun pa rin. Pero nainis lang ako nung fourth year high school ako ,wala kasi ako masyado natutunan sa Trigonometry, badtirp kaya yun!!!haha. But still, you just need to make it simple, don’t make things complicated. There is always a solution.—principle of mathemetics.

M is for Memories. Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. May mga bagay na gusto natin kalimutan nalang at ibaon sa limot. Madami rin naman na gusto natin ibalik o balikan kahit alaala nalang sila. Sabi nga ni Aldous Huxley “every man’s memory is his private literature”. Kunwari writer ka, tulad ng manunulat, araw araw sa buhay ng tao may mga pangayayari na isinusulat natin sa ating isipan at sa ating puso. Every day is about writing each page of the story, each journey, and every  second. Time will come that you are going to compile all those pages into a book of life, a book of your works and contributions, book of your ups and downs, book of love, book of special moments. At sa huli darating yun time na uupo ka sa isang tabi at bubuksan muli ang librong naisulat mo. Siyempre mapapangiti ka, kahit may mga pahina na hindi mo pwedeng burahin.  

M is for Mistakes. If you do not make mistakes, you’re not working hard enough for your problems, for me that‘s the BIG MISTAKE. Parang nung nag-aaral ako magbike , lagi ako nagkakamali, nauuna yun takot ko, pero habang sinusubukan ko  muli’t muli, natututunan ko din kahit pa konti konti lang.(ang totoo hanggang ngayon,palpak parin ako):D.Tao lang kaya nagkakamali. At least I tried. Bago ka maging expert magagawa mo muna lahat ng pagkakamali. Sabi nga Never say “oops”, always say “ah, interesting.”

*pinagisipan ko pa kung ipo-post ko ba ‘to…nice to share!:)
M is for Me…M is for Magne

"weird copy" (revised)

(January 20, 2009)

*note: if you don’t understand…then blame the writer! =)

I’m awake, strike 4:11
A thought which I do not expect.
Something’s telling me "what’s up?”

An insight of signs breaking my head, it screams silently.
Like a personal brand of drug it flows in my system.
I can’t explain, sure I can’t.
No reason at all,is there any answer?
A strong pressure of questions.
Unknown reason.

Untold and hidden.

A mood without expression.
I am not a writer or a desperate one.

I want to ignore this, I tried, and I do.
There is self rejection of countless distractions.
But it’s like a sickness without a cure.
Time can’t heal this.

A sweet nightmare?
Why it keeps on playing?
Like a note without a rhyme.

Music speaks, Yes!
But I hear nothing.
Still it keeps on playing a soundless song
A loud whisper.
I don’t understand.
It makes me blue.

Every time this thought visits me, my heart aims to explode.
But like I said, there is nothing.
Even a plain sand print, no mark.
I’m the only one who knows.

This sounds weird and pointless.
But sometimes…"even a genius is half insane"

note: sinulat ko 'to noong mga panahon na nagsisimula ko pa lang mai-conclude 
na gusto ko talaga mag-sulat.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall and leave.

"Habang wala pang tono ang aking likha, hayaan mo na ibahagi ko ito sa isang maikling tula..."

It's like when leaves fall into the ground,
for light its weight you won't hear a sound.

When they swiftly fly and reach the sky,
as they dance with the music of the air in a glimpse.
Somewhere they might fall, we'll never know where or when.
It'll happen though, very sudden.

I wish i could fall in love like falling leaves do.
Even they fall or hit the ground,
even in their pain we never knew.

But I thought, i cannot fall in love like falling leaves do.
Because sooner they'd fade away.
Without life it's still blue.

I will never fall in love,

simply I WILL LOVE. ♥ :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Life is a journey"

" Isang araw, naisipan ko mag-journey... 
sa pedestrian lane???? :) pero parang ganun na nga... LOL

observing while wandering and wondering...

See what's inside of MV Logos Hope...

ano daw???

Ano nga ba ang madalas itanong ng mga kabataan sa ngayon?
Ikaw, ano sa palagay mo?


Bible Section

with Mr. Romnick Sarmenta, we saw him visiting the ship also with his wife...

Photos taken courtesy of my good friend Diom :)
*ooppss!! taken inside Marlow Navigation Training center :)

"LOGOS X-perience"
Nang makita ko ito, naisip ko lang, KAYA KO KAYA 'TO BASAHIN LAHAT?...

"Eh kung... bilangin ko kaya??
(Pictures was taken March 7, 2011 at MV LOGOS HOPE, Manila South Pier  )
These are note posts for the victims of HIV, posted by different people, from different places, of different times around the globe. COOL! :)

MV Doulos photo

I've read a quote in Logos Hope Valleta saying,

 "Life is a journey, we're all going somewhere...

it made me think until I come up with this thought:

I do believe that...
let Him lead your way, follow Him and trust Him.
He'll show you great things in life,
even greater than what we hope for, expect and imagine.

" Love is not a feeling... kaya huwag ka feelingera! (biro lang :D)

for the Bible says, "GOD is Love"
so if you want to love and be loved,
KNOW who your God is.
have an intimate relationship with Him and discover your DESTINY."

There are two greatest days in our lives,
first is the day when we're born,
second, the day when we discover why we are living 
---knowing the PURPOSE of our existence.

Always give thanks to the one who gave your life.

REMEMBER that...

and He knows our hearts.

Be a blessing to others. GOD bless you. :)

"For where our treasure is, there will be our hearts also." Matthew 6:21            

Sunday, August 7, 2011

anong problema mo?

matagal ko na rin nakalimutan gawin ang isa sa mga bagay na gusto ko ginagawa.
anong problema?--abala sa ibang bagay, sa napakaraming bagay.

kapag sinabing commitment, ibig sabihin may prayoridad at may responsibilidad.
o'? e anong problema? alam mo ba talaga ang dapat unahin?
--ang totoo HINDI.

minsan ganito ang senaryo,

may mga tao na ordinaryo lang sa kanila ang lahat ng sitwasyon.

ordinaryo na nahihirapan at naguguluhan.
ordinaryo na nagmamadali kapag may kailangan tapusin.
ordinaryo na mas piliin ang mga bagay na SAKTO LANG para sa pangangailangan, kesa kunin yung
sa madaling salita, pinalipas lang nila ang opportunities na dapat hawak nila kasi nililimitahan nila ang mga sarili nila.

pwede naman hindi ganito di ba?

kasi nga anong problema?
-- hindi nila alam kung ano ang PRIORITIES nila kaya distracted sila kahit sa paggawa ng mga simpleng  desisyon.

- getting first things first.

ano naman ang kalaban ng PRIORITY?

yan ang problema mo...

yan ang problema ko.

Friday, April 15, 2011


(12:22 pm, 4/15/11)

“ sana’y wala ng nagugutom at nauuhaw…”

          May anim na bata ang sumakay sa jeep na sinasakyan ko, tatlong babae at tatlong lalaki. Sa baybayin ng Rizal Avenue…

“HOY!” sigaw ng driver ng jeep.
Ayaw ng drayber na pasakayin sila dahil sa mga palaboy sila at madudumi.
“TAYUMAN LANG PO.” Sabi nung isa sa mga batang babae.
May isang batang lalaki na umupo sa akyatan ng jeep…
“ REREN! Wag ka diyan umupo baka mahulog ka.” sigaw ng isang bata.
“OO NGA Reren, kapag nahulog ka sagutin ka pa ng drayber.” Sabi pa nung isa.
“KAYA KO ‘TO!” pagmamayabang naman ni Reren.
Bagamat dahan dahan lang naman magmaneho ang drayber ng jeep.

          Ako, isang manong at yung anim na bata lang ang sakay ng jeep sa loob nito bukod sa driver at katabi nitong pasahero sa unahan ng sasakyan.
Oo, si Reren lang ang nakilala ko sa pangalan sa mga bata, nagkataon lang kasi na binanggit ito ng mga kasamahan niya.
Bumaba ang manong ilang kanto bago sa istasyon ng LRT sa Tayuman, sinundan ito ni Reren na nauna ng bumaba sa kesa sa mga kasama.

          Ewan ko kung anong trip ko sa buhay at naisipan ko na patagong kunan ng litrato gamit ang kamera ng cellphone ko ang tatlong bata sa harapan ko. Napansin nila ako sa kalokohan ko at ayun na nga, HULI KA MEN!
Akala ko mapapahiya ako pero  bigla silang NAG-POSE.

unang shut “BLURR”…

Naki-pose na din ang dalawa pang bata na kanina lang e katabi ko…

TSARAN! (Sorry kung hindi masyado malinaw, mumurahin lang kasi ang cellphone ko. ^^)

         Natuwa ako sa mga ngiti na nakita ko sa mukha nila. Para bang napakababaw ng kaligayahan pero para sa kanila MALAKING BAGAY NA ANG SIMPLENG pagpapa-PICTURE para maging masaya. 

Naka STOP SIGNAL ang Traffic lights sa Tayuman. Bumaba na ang mga bata.

        Nakaupo ako sa pinakaunahan ng jeep, malapit sa pintuan. Ilang Segundo pa lang ang nakakalipas buhat ng bumama sila…

 Nakita ko yung  tatlo sa mga bata kanina, pero ngayon kasama na si Reren. Bakit kaya sila bumalik?
“BAKIT?” nakangiting tanong ko.
 Bahagya sana silang aakyat muli sa jeep ng sumigaw ulit si manong driver…
“HOY! BAWAL SUMAKAY!” sigaw ni manong.
Dahil sa kasalukuyan nga na naka-stop signal kaya steady lang lahat.
“LOBAT na eh,” sabi ko na lang para makaiwas. Pero makukulit talaga sila kaya eto..

SHUT pa!  tssing!!( kasama na si Reren) 

          Naalala ko tuloy yung kinanta nila ng sabaysabay habang umaandar ang jeep. May sarili silang bersyon

        Kinanta nila ang "SANA" ng bandang Kenyo, medyo madamdamin kaya nalungkot ako.Naalala ko bigla, kinankanta rin pala ito ni MUTYA. :p

Sana ang buhay ay walang dulo o hangganan.

Sana’y wala ng taong mahirap o mayaman.

Sana’y iisa ang kulay, sana ay wala ng away

Sana’y pag-ibig na lang ang isipin ng bawat isa sa mundo.

Sana’y pag-ibig na lang ang isipin, sana’y magkatotoo.

Sana’y laging magbigayan

Sana’y laging magmahalan

Sana ang tao’y hindi nagugutom o nauuhaw

Sana’y hindi na gumagabi o umaaraw

Sana ay walang tag-init, sana ay walang taglamig

Sana’y pag-ibig na lang ang isipin ng bawat isa sa mundo.

Sana’y pag-ibig na lang ang isipin, sana’y magkatotoo.

Sana’y laging magbigayan

Sana’y laging magmahalan...

      Naisip ko na ganito talaga ang lagay ng lipunan.
Sa sobrang dami ng kwento, karamihan sa mga dapat alam ng tao e binabalewala at hindi napapansin o sabihin na natin hindi talaga pinapansin ng may kapangyarihan.

Isa lang ang gusto ko para sa kanila...

"Sana mabigyan man lang sila ng pagkakataon na makapag-aral at mabuhay sa kapaligiran na angkop para sa kamusmusan nila..."

"... at para kapag natuto sila mag-internet e mabasa at makita nila 'to!"
haha. BIRO LANG PO! (:

Pano ba yan?