Monday, April 6, 2015

I Am Not Alone (For You Are With Me)

That very moment when i chose to take my stand and listened to You. That day when finally, I responded to Your call --everything about me, everything about my life has changed.

The greatest day and the happiest. Surprisingly, because i did not expect any of it.
It feels so good to be alive and free. 
Free from fears, from disappointments, from pain, from my old self.

Everything becomes new. "This is my second wave", I told myself, "and this is going to be awesome!"
Looking forward to that joy, excited because you're seem so sure of the future yet clueless of what's going to happen next.

At first I thought this journey will be easy. Until i found myself crying at night, struggling, tired, doubting myself, asking questions of why now? Why me? Why did You choose me for this?

The dos and don'ts came, responsibilities here, goals there, never ending adjustments, re-directions and of course denials.
Beaten yet fighting, broken yet healed, all for the sake of change.

Growth, maturity and success come; First, if you make it intentional. Second, if you follow through on them.

I know i must change continually, from my very selfish point of views, to a person You wanted me to become. A person living with the same heart as Yours, same dreams and same visions as Yours.

It's hard to be me, but it's harder to be like You.
I ask myself, ‘how someone like me can become someone like You?’
Beginnings are difficult, but everyone must undergo that "process” until the fullness of Your being becomes evident over our lives.

Wherein today's age, our society dictates the standards and twisted the norms of how one must act, what one must be and of whom one must like, how will you compete to the world? You have to decide. 

Either way, if i choose to walk following His ways or choose to look back pushing my own ways; He's going to win over me anyway. Because I know, He will never let me go.

So as for me, I decided to believe and embrace Your plans. Holding on to Your promise that I will not walk this road alone, for You are with me.

What’s next to my journey? It’s up to Your will Lord, let it be done.

"I have told you these things, so that in me you will have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33