Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall and leave.

"Habang wala pang tono ang aking likha, hayaan mo na ibahagi ko ito sa isang maikling tula..."

It's like when leaves fall into the ground,
for light its weight you won't hear a sound.

When they swiftly fly and reach the sky,
as they dance with the music of the air in a glimpse.
Somewhere they might fall, we'll never know where or when.
It'll happen though, very sudden.

I wish i could fall in love like falling leaves do.
Even they fall or hit the ground,
even in their pain we never knew.

But I thought, i cannot fall in love like falling leaves do.
Because sooner they'd fade away.
Without life it's still blue.

I will never fall in love,

simply I WILL LOVE. ♥ :)