Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Life is a journey"

" Isang araw, naisipan ko mag-journey... 
sa pedestrian lane???? :) pero parang ganun na nga... LOL

observing while wandering and wondering...

See what's inside of MV Logos Hope...

ano daw???

Ano nga ba ang madalas itanong ng mga kabataan sa ngayon?
Ikaw, ano sa palagay mo?


Bible Section

with Mr. Romnick Sarmenta, we saw him visiting the ship also with his wife...

Photos taken courtesy of my good friend Diom :)
*ooppss!! taken inside Marlow Navigation Training center :)

"LOGOS X-perience"
Nang makita ko ito, naisip ko lang, KAYA KO KAYA 'TO BASAHIN LAHAT?...

"Eh kung... bilangin ko kaya??
(Pictures was taken March 7, 2011 at MV LOGOS HOPE, Manila South Pier  )
These are note posts for the victims of HIV, posted by different people, from different places, of different times around the globe. COOL! :)

MV Doulos photo

I've read a quote in Logos Hope Valleta saying,

 "Life is a journey, we're all going somewhere...

it made me think until I come up with this thought:

I do believe that...
let Him lead your way, follow Him and trust Him.
He'll show you great things in life,
even greater than what we hope for, expect and imagine.

" Love is not a feeling... kaya huwag ka feelingera! (biro lang :D)

for the Bible says, "GOD is Love"
so if you want to love and be loved,
KNOW who your God is.
have an intimate relationship with Him and discover your DESTINY."

There are two greatest days in our lives,
first is the day when we're born,
second, the day when we discover why we are living 
---knowing the PURPOSE of our existence.

Always give thanks to the one who gave your life.

REMEMBER that...

and He knows our hearts.

Be a blessing to others. GOD bless you. :)

"For where our treasure is, there will be our hearts also." Matthew 6:21            

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